Sukhoi Superjet 100

Honestly i just have no words…

Couple of days ago, i`ve chosen a new topic for my project and the subject was:Comparison of Sukhoi Superjet and Embraer airplanes.The main aim was to show that the whole approach to SSJ 100 was wrong(as in this airplane there are only 7% of russian),while Embraer is 80% Brazilian.


Surely we believe that our aircraft manufacturing will rise some time(hopefully),but such failures bounce back on the reputation of russian aviation.Sukhoi Superjet 100 was a hope for us,we wanted to reply Embraer somehow and that was probably why we have chosen Indonesia,Kazakhstan,Pakistan.

Right now it`s very hard to find the right words,it really is not what we expected and it`s a terrible start for a project(i`m more than convinced that some suppliers will call back).

  • I don`t believe that the crash was caused by weather
  • I don`t believe it`s a pilots mistake(1500 hours of flight by Captain,the one who was the first to fly on SSJ -100)
  • Looks more like a hijacking and terrorist attack,look closer to the photos of debris,really looks like an explosion.

All that i can say,

Mourning a great loss…R.I.P to those who were aboard(Captain,Co-Pilot,Suppliers,Sukhoi representatives,crew,passengers)

no words…


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