Petrov get the place in Caterham!


I`m very glad to share this news with you!As a russian,for instance,it`s very important that our pilot will be on the grid in Australia!

So,Vitaly Petrov has signed a deal with Caterham F1,and at the same time kicking Jarno Trulli out of the grid.No offence,Jarno is an amazing driver,with 253 races on,and he surely deserves place as well,but i think the best answer for it:”It`s Formula 1,such as the rules of the game “.The manager of Vitaly had to fight a lot to take the place,that was really tough,as there were some problems with the promoter,and due to this delay Vitaly had to skip the first part of Winter Tests in Jerez.

Some already shared unsatisfaction with such descision:

Rubens Barichello`s tweet:”Sad to see that Trulli won’t be on the 2012 grid…money is dominating everything”

Well,i suppose we have to face such comments quite a long time.But i think you can talk about anyone in this context,but Vitaly.He`s a working guy.It`s obvious when you put a lot in your art.Just remember GP Abu Dhabi,he`s the one who made Alonso mad!:) and without a doubt, the start of 2011 was phenomenal,you have to agree with me!

I completely don`t understand the point of Gerard Lopez,who says:”Vitaly should take a lesson from the last year”.He was saying some things about the attitude,that “promoters can`t buy you a seat”.Same words about Bruno`s mood in India,while having 14 th place,”You should be disappointed,while having such result”.I can`t figure out what they wanted from them while,the development of the car has stopped.How can you demand actually something from driver,when the car simply doesn`t keep the pace.Well it`s the team who has some preferences,a bit democratic look of Flavio Briatore shadows.

Now i believe Vitaly`s career will go in different, more eased way,as Caterham is an entirely different team.There won`t be such pressure of making a mistake like it was in Lotus Renault,meanwhile he will work with Gianluca Pisanello,Trulli`s race engineer,who i`m sure will share his longterm experience with him,

Lets wish Vitaly Luck!!



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