On the 1st of February,McLaren has presented the new car,which recieved the name MP4-27.

This is the the 2nd car in F1 which was unveiled,first one was Caterham via F1 racing magazine,we could only watch some photos.

We had a chance to witness it live on the internet.Footage was presented on the official McLaren facebook page.That was a very interesting experience,as i have never ever watched such things like car launch live on the internet.

Okay,getting closer to the event itself,it took place in Woking,McLaren team headquaters.This year it looked completely different,the prioritees were given to the information that team members have revealed.Last year McLaren presentation was considered to be one of the most “original” one,as the car was manufactured live.And that looked very unusual.

This time it looked a bit more formal and pretty serious though.It`s great that was just the atmosphere we needed.Not too much of fuss,but a lot of rather proper information.

Many journalists attended this event and lots of questions were asked.And the team answered them with great deal of simplicity so we could understand everything.

What really attracted attention is the fact that the car looked pretty similar to MP4-26,but Paddy Lowe and Tim Gross explained that tremendous changes have been made inside of the car,and visual changes are not the key factor.

Their main objectives for 2012 car were:

  •  optimising downforce despite the changes to the blown floor
  • improve the understanding and utilisation of the Pirelli tyres
  • Different approach to the bodywork of the car

Paddy Lowe assured that every year they try to design a race-winning car .

Speaking of visual differences they are,and you can see that there are no more U-shaped  sidepod.They reverted to a more conventional sidepod shape for this season because the U-shape was less suited to the new exhaust geometry restrictions.

About the exhausts: They must now exit within a very tight space at the rear of the car in order to minimise their aerodynamic influence. The final 100mm of the exhausts must be cylindrical – so they can no longer be oval, or flattened – and must be sited at a particular vertical and horizontal angle – between 10 and 30 degrees upwards. That’s to direct the exhaust exit away from the floor.

Also Paddy Lowe thanked engineers,working at McLaren factory,where there are about 200 of them,and bear in mind that the majority of them have more than 10 years of experience.

Martin Whitmarsh says no stone has been left unturned.

“We have a fantastically committed team of individuals, and MP4-27 is the fruit of their labours – it’s a beautiful car, and one we feel is the perfect platform from which to launch our assault on the world championship. While there are clear visual changes to this year’s car, there’s greater change beneath the skin, with lots of fresh thinking applied to every major system. The car is pleasingly complete.

“I don’t think we want for anything from our drivers, either: in Jenson and Lewis, I believe we have the very best line-up in Formula 1 – the perfect blend of experience, speed and aggression. They complement each other perfectly.

A lots of questions were about F1 coming to Austin,and he underlined that F1 is a subject of interest there,and all th team is looking forward going in USA again.

Jenson and Lewis are both optimistic and encouraged about the car and new season

Check out the highlights of the presentation

Photos of this event:

Staying tuned for more news ,

P.S Ferrari and Force India has revealed their car,their noses are seriously look strange.


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