6 champions are ready to fight!

So,pretty soon(on 18th of March,for you not to forget) we will see another exciting Formula-1 season.Will it be a special one?No doubt,yes.Most importantly, is that now we have 6 world champions on the grid.Quite a moment in F1 history,don`t you think?

Another thing is that there will be another “comeback” in way of Michael Schumacher,it`s about Kimi Raikkonen,his return will definitely spice up that season.The only question is how much time will it take for him to get back on the track.I honestly feel that it won`t take much time at all,as Renault can show good pace,remember the start of the season 2011?Yes,Renault team was really good…Taking into consideration the fact that after first 2 podiums,most of us thought that those guys will be fighting along with leaders.

I`d like to mention the matter of interest to this championship,as there are many drivers willing to play back.First of all,it`s Mark Webber,his last season was practically ruined by domintaion of Sebastian Vettel.Mark wasn`t really like himself back in 2010.I still can`t figure out what was happening to him at the start of race.Every pole position he took,he simply couldn`t hold it.So the aim of his playback suppose to be really strong.Unless,if RBR will allow,such team competition?

Speaking of Jenson Button, i have to admit that his last season proved his driving even more than at the time he won the championship in 2009.His performance was really impressive,and honestly speaking the role of leader of the team is now in his hands.And meanwhile the team has to work on ridicilous mistakes that they`ve made.For instance, to avoid such things like:Losing the wheel on the pit,and missing the 3rd part of quali due to a wrong tire choice.Sometimes you can`t predict it but, those little issues may worth you a name of champion.Take season 2008,Felipe would have been a champion if not Singapore Refueling line,and some engine failures.

Since we`re talking about 2008 season champion,lets discuss his chances.2011 season was very depressing for Lewis,as he is the one who recieved the biggest amount of penalties.4 times drive thru,2 warnings(tough talks with stewards),2 after race time additions and 1 time he had to loose places on the start.Overall the number of them is 9.Count it:lots of points,podiums and wins and championship hopes at the same time were there.It was the first time,i honestly saw a race by race competition,which seemed unstopable.I`m talking about Massa-Hamilton.That was rough,seriously,from my point of view, Lewis should have done something to avoid an accidents,at least just sometimes slow down a bit…put a leg from the accelerator,i mean look at the Jenson,he always does that,he drives more smoothly,if he is practically in the same situation,he slows down first,and thats the key of his driving.(Turkey 2010 Lewis-Jenson).

If Lewis will just analyze those mistakes,and just will take an advise which was given once to Felipe on the radio:”Felipe,baby stay cool”.Quite probable that he could also be a winner in Sao Paolo.

Moving next,Ferrari.Well,i changed my mind completely about this team when they preferred Fernando to Kimi.Still,look at the results,something extraordinary happened?Not really,they only reminded us about those “good old times” of Michael and Rubens,but that looked even worse.No doubt of course that Fernando is a great driver,he knows how to win,and does that amazing.Many things will really depend on their car,because every year Stefano Domenicali promises that car will be on the top,”we will win the championship”;”we will have the best car”.Probably those words will be true this season?As far as i`m concerned, car development it`s even more like having an Ace of Spades,which is drawn on Alonso`s helmet.Remember Brawn GP?Nobody expected such a jump from a team whose previous owners(Honda Racing team) shut down Formula-1 project.Getting back to Fernando,all he needs is a car and he knows what to do.

Felipe Massa,you know i always feel really disappointed when speaking of him,because i`m more than convinced that he deserves much more than he has.2008 was his championship,not Lewis`s(Sorry it`s my opinion,and i`m not gonna change it).I think crash didn`t change him at all.Some little issues like being a bit more careful and attentive,watchful.But that doesn`t make sense.Germany 2010 said everything.They made their choice.And they don`t even have to ask for the results now,whats the point of racing in a team where you won`t be allowed to win?There you go,thats why he didn`t reach any podium this season.I mean look at his face,everybody knows but he can`t say a thing.Ridicilous situation.I honestly wish him to “say his word”!

2 in a row,way to go Seb!Sebastian Vettel is well deserved world champion.And his driving is only improving with each race.Ofcourse he made mistakes,but that answers all the questions that anyone can make a mistake.And he is often criticised for his “luck”.Even by drivers.In manner of “Give me his car,i`ll do the same”.That was Timo Glock,who said something like that,i remember.But all this have no sense at all.First and the most important is responsibility.You have the best car,you`re on pole..lights turn green….the pressure is high isn`t it?Lewis also have great car,but this year he had the problems in coping with pressure and we know that such strategy didn`t give much results.So there are a lot of trainings,tests,work of team,strategy and the amount of personal approach behind Sebastian.Meanwhile this can be a great reason to defend his title.

Logically we have come to Mercedes GP.We can`t say for sure will they fight for wins and podiums finally,as long as we see the results of first tests.I can comment on it in only way:now it`s the perfect time. They still can make a good car,create the spirit and force of Brawn GP.Ross Brawn is a legend and the collobration between him and Michael Schumacher and having the good crew on pit lane always worked well.Those who watched F1 long time know that deal.Michael was really close to podium last season,and sometimes their strartegy works out really good,and the same situation with pace.Lets just wait for their car launch and Barcelona,and will keep on trying figure it out.


Who can surprise us this season?

I think that it will be Bruno Senna.Seems like a it`s finally his time to carry the torch of his Great uncle!The speculations about Raikkonen`s arrival in Williams base,allow us to say that the offer was pretty serious.The team is practically rebuiding.As they recieve Renault engines,things might really change fast.Brawn GP shadow don`t you think?

Well so far thats it,

Waiting for cars to launch and first tests ,which will be held on 7th of February in Jerez.


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